Agnes Precision RF

Jul 22, 2022
Before and After 1 Agnes treatment
Agnes Precision RF is a non-surgical treatment for facial sculpting & symmetry, firming, tightening, smoothing and dermatologic issues. Minimal downtime, no incision Long lasting results Unmatched precision targeting Safe and predictable technology

Agnes Precision RF is my favorite treatment to perform on clients and here is why..... I am able to eliminate eyebags, lift upper eyelids, lift brows, sculpt and slim cheeks. I can get rid of double chins. I can get rid of jowls....get rid of bra fat that bulges out when you are wearing a cute strappy dress or shirt. The possiblities are endless!! I can do this treatment all over the body and there are no incisions or need for surgery!! I could go on and on about Agnes but you really need to see it for yourself to know that I am not full of you know what. As someone that has been in Aesthetics for a long time, I have never experienced a treatment with these results. It truly is unbelievable! 

Here are the questions I get asked the most:

How long does it last?

This is not a temporary fix like botox, threads or filler. Most patients have results going strong after 2+ years. So my answer is, it lasts as long as your body allows. We have not figured out how to stop the aging process but we do know how to trick it. Think about it this way, parts on your car eventually need to be replaced or rebuilt. They "age". By properly maintaining your vehicle it will prolong the life of it. That is how you have to think of your body. That includes your skin. It is the biggest organ on your body so give it some love. If you look good, you feel even better! 


How many treatments will I need?

The treatment protocol for Agnes is 2-3 treatment spread out 2 months apart. 2-3 treatments is for full correction. Most patients see significant results after one treatment. 


What is the downtime?

Downtime changes depending on the area being treated and how much work there is to be done. You can expect to be tender and sensitive to the touch in the area treated anywhere from a week to a month. Everyone heals differently. Bruising and swelling is typically resolved within a week. Eyes bruise and swell the most so cold compresses are important the first 24 hours. Submental area tends to be tender longer that other areas. You can be in the sun after and also wear makeup.