About Ms. Johnston

Aesthetic Provider in Memorial , Bellaire and Medical Center, Houston, TX

Kimberly Johnston

About Ms. Johnston

Kimberly Johnston has joined the team at The Total You Medical Spa. With locations in Houston, Texas on Business Center Drive, in Chinatown, and at The Blossom Hotel, she takes great pride in serving these communities with integrative and personalized care.

Kimberly has years of laser experience and offers a unique perspective that really identifies with clients. Her clients trust her to address their needs and concerns while providing personalized treatment solutions.

An expert in Laser Technology, Kimberly takes her clients’ concerns to heart and practices concierge care for her clients. She has the proven expertise in developing a personal and trusting relationship with her clients and helps them to recognize their inner brilliance.

Ease of access is a guiding principle at The Total You Medical Spa. Patients can reach practitioners via cell phone anytime, and treatments are available using a concierge service model.

Kimberly warmly welcomes all clients into The Total You Medical Spa. She looks forward to getting to know them and caring for them.